7 Personality Traits of Successful Insurance Agents

Are you considering taking the insurance agent exam? If so, congratulations, and welcome to the team! While there aren’t a lot of requirements that need to be met before taking the test and getting licensed as an insurance agent in your state, being a successful insurance agent can be a different story. In order to be successful, insurance agents need to have several personality traits that allow one to thrive in the industry. What are those personality traits? Read on to find out!

Insurance agent personality

1. Reliability

When you’re an insurance agent, people rely on you to be there for them. Without you, customers can’t get their questions answered or make changes to their insurance policies, and insurance providers struggle to find customers. Like all salespeople and customer representatives, a good insurance agent is someone that the people who work with them can count on to be there when they are needed.

2. Sincerity

It’s a poor insurance agent that has to twist the facts or leave out important information to get customers to sign up for the plans they offer. A great insurance agent, on the other hand, is always upfront about the details of the coverage options they are pitching, and can always be counted on to give their clients an honest appraisal of the benefits and shortcomings of any particular plan.

3. Empathy

A great insurance agent puts themselves in their clients’ shoes, considers their needs and concerns, and makes decisions with those factors in mind in order to provide those clients with the best insurance options available to them. When an insurance agent sympathizes with their clients and is personally invested in making sure that they get the best service possible, then that insurance agent is much more likely to provide the best service possible.

4. Discipline

Insurance agents often have a high degree of independence, especially those who aren’t contracted to work with a specific provider. In order to keep bringing in money and clients, a good insurance agent needs to have the discipline to be a self-starter and to independently motivate themselves to work every day.

5. Clear Communication Skills

Insurance can be complicated, especially for laymen who don’t have an education in the details of industry policy and legal regulations. As such, it’s an insurance agent’s job to explain potentially complex issues in a clear, concise manner that regular people can understand without leaving out important details.

6. A Desire to Make Money

At the end of the day, insurance agents are salespeople, and the amount of money they take home is greatly influenced by how many sales they have recently closed. Insurance agents have a very high income potential, but making a decent living in the field requires being motivated to earn as much money as possible.

7. Passion

Perhaps the most important personality trait for any successful insurance agent is passion. Great insurance agents are passionate about closing sales, about finding their clients the best coverage, and about understanding the ins and outs of every individual policy. Passion is what motivates an insurance agent to aggressively pursue sales, seek out new clients, and power through dry periods to get to the other side. Like with any profession, those with a passion for being an insurance agent are the ones who find the most success being an insurance agent.

Does this sound like you? If so, get in touch with America’s Professor today and sign up for our online insurance pre-licensing courses at 800-870-3130.


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Jeff Carbine
4 years ago

I think years of experience an agency has is definitely a critical component when choosing the right insurance agency. I find that a lot of insurance agents are generally easy to talk to and have a great sense for empathy and sincerity. I hope that when I move cities in a little bit, I will be able to find the right insurance agency.

Darrien Hansen
1 year ago

Thanks for mentioning how a good insurance agent is someone that you can depend on. My wife and I need to find some insurance for our home soon. We’ll make sure that we find a reliable expert to assist us.

America's Professor - DCM
America's Professor - DCM
1 year ago
Reply to  Darrien Hansen