5 Benefits to Taking Insurance Pre-Licensing Courses Online

For most of the history of insurance pre-licensing courses, would-be insurance agents have been taught in a traditional classroom setting, with classes taking place at set times and in predetermined locations. While this method worked at the time, classroom learning is becoming increasingly outdated in the fast-paced interconnected 21st century, and America’s Professor is helping the industry adapt to the new environment by offering online insurance agent exam classes for multiple states across the country.

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Like other types of online learning, taking insurance pre-licensing courses over the internet offers several advantages that classroom learning can’t compete with, such as:

  • 1. Attend Class Anytime, Anywhere
    One of the biggest barriers to traditional classroom learning is that classes are held at a certain time and a certain place, neither of which may fit into people’s busy schedules. Before online classes, that meant either rushing to rearrange your schedule, or missing out until classes that fit your timeframe were offered. With online insurance pre-licensing classes, you can take classes and listen to lectures whenever it works best for you, from whatever place you wish.
  • 2. Get Access to Instructors from Across the Country
    When you take in-person licensing courses, your options for instructors are limited to whichever teachers live in the area and are available to teach classes at the time. Not so with online learning, which allows great instructors and knowledgeable industry insiders to reach thousands of people across the country at any time.
  • 3. Learn at Your Own Pace
    Do you have trouble keeping up in a classroom setting? When you take insurance licensing courses in a classroom setting, it’s easy to get left behind if the instructor sets a fast pace or doesn’t explain the material as well as they should. Another benefit of online pre-licensing courses is that students are no longer forced to work at someone else’s pace. Instead, they are free to pause, rewind, and review at their own leisure, letting them take in the material at a pace that works for them.passing the insurance agent test
  • 4. Master the Latest Communication Technology
    Online courses are a great way for people to learn more than just what’s on the curriculum. Modern technology is becoming more important every day, and many workplaces are integrating online communication into their daily routines. Because all communication for online courses takes places online, they can serve as a great crash course in relevant skills that can then be applied to the workplace.
  • 5. Increased Learning Resources
    Why lug around textbooks or hunt for more resources at the library when you can access unlimited information from your phone or tablet? In addition to providing classes over the internet, online courses can connect students with copious amounts of information that they can easily search out and study at their own pace, and in their own homes.

Want to learn more about America’s Professor’s online learning opportunities? Contact us today at 800-870-3130, or enroll in classes on our website today.


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