4 Great Benefits of Selling Insurance for a Living


Why is becoming an insurance agent a smart career move? For starters, just about anyone can do it – the only real qualifications are a high school diploma, a state insurance license, and a go-getter attitude. More than that, insurance sales jobs offer rewards that many types of work can only promise, but never deliver on. In this article, we’ll cover four of the great benefits of being an insurance agent.

Insurance agent benefits

You Get to Be Your Own Boss

For anyone who chafes under the nine to five grind and begrudges having to work on someone else’s schedule, becoming an insurance salesperson is the perfect choice. Even when working for a large company, most insurance agents are largely independent and are often out of the office meeting with potential clients. As long as those agents are hitting their numbers every target period, no one complains about them taking an extra day off here and there, or skipping out on normal hours to go to the doctor’s office. In other words, insurance agents have the independence that most working people want – they get to be their own boss.

There Will Always Be a Need for Insurance

How many of the thousands and thousands of people whose positions suddenly disappeared in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis thought they were in danger of losing their jobs any time soon? Chances are, most of them thought that they would still be doing the same job now that they were doing then. The current employment market is very volatile, with new innovations and market realities making once eternally secure positions subject to sudden disappearance. An insurance sales career, however, isn’t in danger of fading into the past, for the simple reason that people will always need insurance. On top of that, they will always feel more secure with their insurance-buying decisions when they have a knowledgeable person to discuss them with. In other words, an insurance sales career is a profession that is secure against many of the unforeseen and potentially disastrous upheavals of the future.

You Earn More Money the Longer You Do It

It’s the way doing a job is supposed to work – the longer you stay with a company or industry, the higher you climb and the more you earn. In reality, many people who work for years or decades find that they hit a ceiling that, no matter how much they feel they’ve earned it, puts a cap on their income growth potential. With insurance sales, on the other hand, the old wisdom holds true – the longer you stick around, the more you earn. The more insurance you sell, the more renewals you have in the future, and the more clients who’ve come to trust your integrity you have coming to you for additional coverage. Add that to the new accounts you’ll keep adding to your portfolio, and the only cap on your earnings is how much work you put in.


You Get to Help People

On top of having job security and steady income growth potential, insurance agents also get to say that they do a job that makes people’s lives better. Insurance serves an incredibly useful purpose, shielding average men, women, and families from the financial repercussions of unforeseen disasters, accidents, and health issues. Not many people are able to say they get to help people and earn a comfortable living, but insurance agents do.

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