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Utah State Farm Insurance Pre-Licensing Courses

Please take a look at our Utah State Farm Insurance Pre-Licensing Courses below:

Please note: Supervised courses have been setup by a specific employer. Supervisors have access to their students’ course access logs and completion status. If you have not been told to purchase a supervised course please purchase the non-supervised course.


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  • State Farm – Public – Non-Supervised Course
  • Test prep for the UT Property and Casualty Insurance Producer (commercial and noncommercial) Exam 17-04
  • Combo Property + Casualty Course
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  • State Farm – Public – Non-Supervised Course
  • Test prep for the UT Life, Accident and Health Insurance Producer Exam 17-03
  • Combo Life + Accident and Health Course
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  • State Farm – Public – Non-Supervised Course
  • Test prep for the UT Life Insurance Producer Exam 17-01
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  • State Farm – Public – Non-Supervised Course
  • Test prep for the UT Accident and Health Insurance Producer Exam 17-02

Student Feedback


May 10, 2024 -

Passed the exam on the first try today! This course was extremely helpful. Really enjoyed how he made it fun with this humor during the lessons. I will definitely be using his courses again when do the life insurance part.

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February 12, 2024 -

I passed with the best grades! It was a great constant effort but definitely it worthy it! I learned a lot and the most important is I enjoyed practicing again and again!

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August 3, 2023 -

I just passed the test on my first try and it’s the second license I’ll get thanks to this platform.
The videos were a great help to me, even if I am not fluent in English.

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July 23, 2023 -

I passed my test the first try! The course material was very informative and LOVED the lectures. Customer Service was amazing and always available to help! Thank you Americas Professor! Great Course!

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July 12, 2023 -

Imagine my horror of sitting down in the testing center and finding questions and material that didn’t even remotely look like the online lectures or books! I could not believe that I was forced to select answers on pure speculation because it wasn’t covered. I feel disappointed, angry, and ripped off. The online lectures seemed old and dated with anecdotal examples that missed the mark. State specific information was breezed over with a “this will be on the test” (almost none of them were). Next time I will be using a more professional test preparation company (Kaplan?). So if anyone has taken the time to actually read this, your probably thinking “he’s just mad because he didn’t pass”. Wrong! I did pass, no thanks to Americas Professor!

AP Response: Sorry to hear our course wasn’t right for you Mark, wish we would have know a little sooner but glad to hear you passed your exam! It’s a lot of material with a lot of potential exam question combinations. All we can do is teach the incredibly exciting topics of insurance and hope they stick with you for the exam, which it sounds like they did. Again, congrats on passing your exam and good luck to you in the future. 

Was this review helpful? Yes ( 8 ) No ( 1 )
June 17, 2023 -

This course is very user friendly, easy to work at your own pace. I passed on my first try!

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May 13, 2023 -

Dear Professor Morton,

I am so glad I chose your course. In an age of misleading news and false advertisement, it is always a challenge not to be deceived. Your knowledge and experience teaching insurance is impressive. But more impressive is your ability to turn a rather boring and dry subject into a much fun and interesting experience!

I hope you are enjoying the fishing season and all the best to you and the America’s professor team!


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January 31, 2023 -

Thank You Americas Professor!!

I completed the course and passed my exam in 3 weeks. The course gave me a great foundation of Life & Health insurance. I received a true class room experience virtually. The Jack and Nancy stories helped me retain the information, really good stuff. I will definitely be back if I choose to add more licensure.


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January 24, 2023 -

No fluff, easy to use, and gives you everything you will need for the test! I am way grateful I stumbled into Americas Professor.

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September 19, 2022 -

I cannot say how helpful America’s Professor was for me taking my tests. I contacted them for help, and they went above and beyond to help me and get me on the right track. I passed both the P&C and L&H, and could not have done it without your help!

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September 12, 2022 -

I honestly did not believe I could pass the test at my first try, but I did!!! definitely watching the videos and reading really helped me. English is my second language, and this was new vocabulary.

I would definitely recommend this course.


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September 6, 2022 -

Loved that I could take the course on my own time and so easy to follow. The way Jack teaches was so helpful with me retaining the information. Passed my test the first try.

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August 5, 2022 -

100% recommend Americas Professor! I had gone through the entire WebCE Property and Casualty insurance course before this one. It seemed to make everything harder to understand. Using WebCE I failed my first attempt on the exam. I then found Americas Professor, I went through the whole course and passed the exam afterwards! Jack really simplifies things and makes everything easier to understand. If you’re thinking about buying this course I would fully recommend it to anyone trying to pass.

Was this review helpful? Yes ( 1 ) No ( 0 )
June 29, 2022 -

I have used America’s Professor now for my Life, health, Property, and Casualty exam preparation. Because of the great work they do I have been able to pass each exam on the first attempt. The teaching videos are great and easy to follow along in with in the textbook they provide. I highly recommend America’s Professor for all your insurance pre-licensing needs!

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April 26, 2022 -

I was able to use this course and passed my exam on the first try. The videos help so much and I greatly appreciate that they take time to add the addendum and updates to make it easier for me to stay up to date and on track to pass. I may have used more time than probably necessary but I haven’t been in study mode for quite sometime and this course helped me feel confident going into the test. They also provide the best highlighters I’ve ever used, so that’s a huge plus for me!

Was this review helpful? Yes ( 1 ) No ( 0 )
April 19, 2022 -

I was very pleased with this course and the way it was presented. It was easy to follow and understand. I passed my test the first try and I received a 91%. Thank you Americas Professor for helping me not only pass the Life Insurance exam but to do it with a great score!

Was this review helpful? Yes ( 0 ) No ( 0 )
March 28, 2022 -

Great material! It helps a ton to have the physical copy along with the videos that follow each page. Passed my first!

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March 13, 2022 -

I barely passed first time but couldn’t have done it without the help of this course. What ever time you think you need to study, double or triple it and you should pass it no problem. Thanks AP

Was this review helpful? Yes ( 1 ) No ( 0 )
March 10, 2022 -

I took three exams with Americas professor. Jack is hilarious and help me understand concepts with his stories ad humor. I would not have passed my exams without his videos and practice tests. I am 62 years old and had to study harder than all of you young kids. The customer service is out of this world. They were so kind and helpful. I had to call a few times and they were patient and if they were unable to get to the phone their response time was amazing. 5 stars all the way.

Was this review helpful? Yes ( 1 ) No ( 0 )
February 15, 2022 -

If you’re looking for a great course, reasonably priced, informative, and entertaining….yes, Jack makes insurance entertaining, just trust me…… you need to use America’s Professor! You will NOT regret it!! Great support….if you need a time extension, no problem. If you need suggestions on what, specifically, to review for your state exam, they’ll help you! Ok, you’ve seen the rest, now join the BEST!

Was this review helpful? Yes ( 2 ) No ( 0 )

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How To Pass

The information on the exams is challenging, and the material covered is not common knowledge. Following AP’s course study guide (included with each course) will give you the best chances of passing your exam on the first try.

Here is what AP recommends, based on our decades of experience:

  • Watch all course lectures in order while highlighting and taking notes on our instructor’s key points to remember. Replay any videos you didn’t understand.
  • Understand the content well enough to score at least 90% on chapter quizzes. Your first attempt at a quiz will tell you how well you are comprehending the materials.
  • Take your state exam as soon as possible after completing the course. The longer you wait, the more you will forget.
  • Check for course updates before testing.

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