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Texas General Lines Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course: Trupanion – Public

  • Trupanion – Public – Non-Supervised Course
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This was hands down the BEST class I have ever taken. I was extremely nervous for the exam, but was really surprised to see that I made a 92 on the real exam. Jack Morton made the material really easy to understand with his humorous examples and stories. I studies for about 10 days and just took the exam today.

Thank you to all the staff at America’s Professor and to Jack Morton for making all this possible.

Jan 19, 2021

Ramiro Garcia

Americas Professor was the best choice i made to take my coarse in Texas P&C licensing, Jack is awesome and very informative with the coarse, I feel like I’m ready to take on my new career, Jack say hi to cousin Eddie for me. God bless and thank you again

Jan 19, 2021


Last night I took the Texas General Lines P&C test for the 1st time. I scored an 86 on the test. I found the questions on the state test to be written similar to the ones in the course. I took a different course for my Life and Health license a long while ago. This is a much better course. I would recommend it to anyone trying to get an Insurance License.

Jan 19, 2021


I scored a 95 on my first try, so you damn well know I recommend AP!! I also studied 6 hours a day for two weeks…put in the time and you’ll be rewarded 🙂

America’s Professor course was hands down the best course for me. I previously took the Kaplan course, and I can say that AP 100 times better. We all know insurance is boring as hell, so when you have Jack explaining insurance with funny stories and examples about his family members…trust me…not only will you remember but you will be able to explain insurance to the average person.

I recommend watching all the videos in order and then taking the quizzes. Don’t memorize the quizzes, that will only hurt you. I also recommend reading the chapters that you’re having a hard time understanding. Some of the chapters look like a doozy, but if you actually take the time to read them…you will be surprised with how the book is written. I thought it would be like reading the Kaplan book which felt like reading about rocket fuel. When I took the time to go back and read some of the chapters I was having difficulty with, I was pleasantly surprised to find the content written as if Jack were telling me another story like in his videos.

If you have questions regarding the material, call Pat. Pat helped me tremendously. Pat spent a couple of hours on the phone with me each day for a few days before my exam and helped explain certain areas that I was having trouble with. I can’t thank Pat enough 🙂

Jan 19, 2021

Abram F.

I want to start by saying I work a full time position in an industry I have been in for 25+ years and with COVID I ventured out to learn something new and decided to get my L&H and P&C Insurance license’s. So I chose Americas Professor and was it the right choice!

Jack makes it so easy, teaches it well and made it simplistic. I felt it really helped me in a hectic and demanding world I work in. Plus I feel like I know Jack and his family!

It is also really awesome how they work with you when needed as I had to reach out.

I can’t say anything about a comparison but I will tell you if you are full time in another career keeping the ends met, this course will help you and get you where you want to be!

Thank you all at AP!!!!

Jan 19, 2021


I highly recommend this course to anyone considering taking your Texas General P&C Exam. In the middle of harvesting a cotton crop I was also attempting to study for my agent exam. I had originally signed up with Kaplan began the course and soon realized it was too much reading to multi task and learn the materials. I found American Professor watched the info and thought why not? The videos were awesome I was able to listen while working then go back highlighting and taking chapter quizzes later. I began the course and took my exam within a week and PASSED. Looking forward to taking other insurance classes for more licensing in the future with Jack.

Jan 19, 2021

Vera Z

I just passed on my first try! I highly recommend this course! Jack made learning fun and he is very informative. Thank you very much Jack and all the staff at America’s Professor.

Jan 19, 2021


Course material did a great job getting me prepared for my test. Highly recommend

Jan 19, 2021

Amy D

Highly recommend! I took this course on top of another one. Jack Morton’s was way better by far for the specific course I took. I learned a lot and made a 90 on my exam which I could not believe! When you take your exam, take your time and read each question thoroughly. Mark ones that your unsure of and I made categories such as the HO and DP questions so I could refer back if needed on the actual exam. I would recommend this course to anyone needing to take it plus use the book and follow along with Jack’s videos. THANK YOU!

Jan 19, 2021


I just passed the first exam today (12/12/2020), the test was very twisted and hard. It was much harder than examples tests but I could manage them as I built the foundation through the lecture. The lecture given was very clear and easy to follow. I am highly recommend this course to everyone. Thanks, Jack!!

Jan 19, 2021

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