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Texas General Lines Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course: State Farm Insurance – Public

  • State Farm Insurance – Public – Non-Supervised Course
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Texas General Lines Life, Accident & Health Pre-Licensing Course: State Farm Insurance – Public

  • State Farm Insurance – Public – Non-Supervised Course
  • Includes HMO exam information
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Passed my exam, good course, went over everything I needed to pass the test. Will purchase life and health next.

Jul 17, 2019


This company is AMAZING! All my questions were almost word for word on the test! AND they are so helpful with the whole process. I didn’t pass my test the first time i took it and then I reached out to them and not only did they reopen my account a staff member reached out to me and helped me by telling me what chapters to really focus on and I PASSED! I would refer ANYONE to this course for any insurance test!

Jul 17, 2019


This is a very informative course the test in Texas was very hard and outdated but this course was the only thing i used to study for it and i passed first try. All of the answers are multi choice and the whole testing program looks like it was made in the early 90s. but despite how awful the whole testing situation is with this course i aced the test first try. i took the practice test prob 5 times until i would get high 90s also the state because the state test at the testing center is a different section and only has 30 questions so u really need to know the stuff from there. but in conclusion i cannot say enough good things about this course i am very happy i came across it and i feel like i know the instructor Jack and his wife Nancy who he picks on in every example he makes 😀 again could not be happier with this course and will be purchasing the Texas Property and Casualty very soon thanks again Jack.

Jul 17, 2019


I PASSED! This is was a real challenge for me but I kept with it and didn’t give up. Study Study Study! It will be worth it in the end.
Thanks Pat for pep talk and encouragement. I know I have more work to do to reach my goal in the insurance industry. I anticipate a great return on investment.
Thanks again America’s Professor! You did what you said you could do and that was prepare me to pass the state exam.

Jul 17, 2019


I had been told it is very difficult to pass the licensing exam in Texas but felt very confident with the information I had been given through this course and passed with flying colors on my first attempt! Highly recommend this course and loved the results it gave me!

Jul 17, 2019


I took the Texas Life and Health and I would highly recommend this course. I passed on my 1st attempt on Friday.
Thank you to Jack for the class and to all America’s professor employees who help me to get an extension after life got crazy for me during this process.
You ALL are awesome!!!

Jul 17, 2019

Ms. Hudson

I took the P&C course for my TX exam. I went a bit slower and made a two-week class a four month class and really studied and went over the material due to some real life set backs. The staff was ALWAYS helpful and understanding. Have extended days where needed and always promptly answered my questions.

It’s a rough exam, and it’s always changing. Even with the recent changes, thanks to this course, I passed. Praise the Lord, because it wasn’t an easy exam. I would highly recommend this course. It’s worth the money and includes everything you will need to pass.

The fact I passed my 1st time should be proof enough, but I never leave come back to leave reviews. They another to add to their list. Amazing courses. The material is explained so well. Just study what the teacher says and do as he says and you will pass.

Thank you AP!

Jul 17, 2019

Hanner Shipley

A week and a half before I was scheduled to take the Life and Health Exam, my exam prep class I had scheduled cancelled on me. I found America’s Professor online and finished the class a day before my scheduled exam. Took the test and passed with an 86. I was very impressed with how many questions on the Licensing Exam were very similar to the questions on the final exam for the prep class. I was also very impressed with Jack and his ability to teach and make the material fun. I loved all his little comments about his wife Nancy. Made it very relatable and fun.

Jul 17, 2019



Jul 17, 2019

Elva C.

I took the General Lines Property and Casualty Pre-Licensing Course and the course materials were easy to comprehend. The test prepares the student well into what the real test will be like. I was very satisfied with the professor as he was able to explain very straightforward but very easy to understand. Thank you.

Jul 17, 2019

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