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Texas General Lines Life, Accident & Health Pre-Licensing Course: AIL – Public

  • American Income Life – Public – Non-Supervised Course
  • Includes HMO exam information
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This course was absolutely amazing. I took the Life, Accident and Health exam this morning, passing with a 90%. Jack was overly thorough (which is a good thing) so I was very prepared. I love that anytime Jack mentions something previously studied he always gives a reminder as to what it means, opposed to just assuming we know since it was already covered. This helped me so much in retaining the material, not just memorizing, but really understanding what it meant. I will be returning soon to study for my Property & Casualty License. Thank you so much America’s Professor!

Sep 25, 2020

Diana K. Balinas

WooHoo! I scored a 92 on my first try! My husband, who has been an agent for 25+ years, previewed & selected this course as the gold standard for Pre-licensing. He made an excellent choice. The material is presented in an organized easy to understand way, with plenty of chapter check and section review questions along the way. BTW…the style and wording of the questions are very similar to the exam. Jack is very conversational in his delivery and he offers several good memory clues for his students use. On the few occasions I had reason to call the office, I could hear the smile over the phone as the team member worked to solve technical problems, answer questions & offer encouragement. Students of the Americas Professor courses know that the words Thank You are an understatement, however it’s the ones we have. Thank You!

Sep 25, 2020

T Parker

I would highly recommend this course because of the detailed information that Professor Morton gives. The videos and real life scenarios really helped a lot I don’t think I could have done it without this course. Oh by the way I passed my exam on the first try!!!!!!

Sep 25, 2020


I was in the 4th quarter of passing my exam, I was down by 4 with a 4 and 10 on the 30 yard line , 10 seconds on the clock with no timeouts. Americas professor threw a Hail Mary to me to the end zone. Touchdown Game over. The fans storm the field. That was the kind of feeling I had after passing my exam much hard work and training to know that every second you put in on the course will pay off when the game is on the line.

Sep 25, 2020


This review is great! I just passed my exam on the first try. The customer service answers right away, if you need more time. I made notes on all the chapters, read through them and took one practice test and aced the test. That is how good this course is. Very informative and great teacher. Definitely would recommend. Won’t regret it.

Sep 25, 2020


I used America’s Professor for my P&C- Passed
Just took my Life, Health & Accidentally- Passed on First attempt
This material is priceless. I just committed to a career change a couple of months ago. I have had so much success and so many opportunities that I have had to turn down. My next step is my adjuster license. This is the top niche source for all your Insurance needs. I would recommend America’s Professor to anyone that have any interest in Insurance Industry.

Sep 25, 2020


Five Stars ⭐️ I passed 80 percent first try. Best program ever. Thanks 🙏

Sep 25, 2020


Passed my Texas life and health on the first try. I used this program because I passed my Texas P&C on the first try a few months earlier. Amazingly, I had the same score on both exams—let’s just call them a strong B. I liked having the books along with the online access because I could highlight and flip to sections I needed to review. The lectures are great because they add real world explanations.

Sep 25, 2020

Hank Tritchka

Going to miss Jack! What a great course! Has taken me awhile, with my crazy gig schedule, and first scheduled exam being cancelled due to COVID. But I got back into the groove once I could, studying highlights (literally), taking the exams and section reviews tests once again, and bringing all the material back up to the surface. The system is amazing, got a 93%. Thanks AP!
PS; Now I just want to know how a country gent, way out in Big Sky Country, in the tiny town of Valier, next to the beautiful Lake Frances, got to be such an expert in the “big city” subject of insurance!
PSS; Going to miss the examples of ‘tragic” golf, monopoly and ping-pong accidents!

Sep 25, 2020


This program is wonderful! YESSSSS, I passed my exam with an 81. Actually the test was easier than I expected because I felt well prepared. Many of the practice questions asked in the program were similar on the exam. Since I’m a visual learner, the videos and stories really helped me remember more information. There were many questions that dealt with numbers, vocabulary and scenarios. Know your material well because the questions are worded in a tricky way and include some clue words that triggers a hint on which answer choices to eliminate. Also, allow extra study time for the state laws section. Leave 2-3 review days before exam. It allows you to “digest” more information and revisited concepts that were challenging to comprehend. Overall, I was very pleased how the program prepared me for this exam. It is worth EVERY dime!

Sep 25, 2020

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