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Iowa Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course: State Farm Insurance – Public

  • State Farm – Public – Non-Supervised Course
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Iowa Life, Accident & Health Pre-Licensing Course: State Farm Insurance – Public

  • State Farm – Public – Non-Supervised Course
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America's Professor is the best. They will work with you no matter what you need. I worked with them 5 years ago to pass my life insurance exam and just recently also passed my health exam. The course info and book info are joint, and they re-activated my access to the video without hesitation or question. They are great to work with and Pat is the best!

Feb 15, 2018


This course and study material took me from knowing absolutely nothing to passing on my first try with great scores. The course is enough to make you dangerous but not an expert. Don't expect a 100% because not everything can be covered, but you will pass if you follow the curriculum.

Jan 25, 2018

Scott K

I would highly recommend America's Professor. I watched most of the videos, read some of the book and reviewed the practice quizzes and tests 3-4 times and felt very prepared. I took the property and casualty tests back to back and passed with plenty of room to spare. Thank you America's Professor.

Jan 15, 2018


Look no further, I purchased both Life and Property/Casualty pre-licensing courses. Jack does a phenomenal job covering exactly what you need to know to pass your exams! I was well prepared and passed with ease the first time. Thank you Professor Morton, well done!

Jan 01, 2018


Jack is FANTASTIC! Haven't taken a test in 27 years and passed the first time! Very easy to understand and follow along. Felt very comfortable testing. Now onto Property and Casualty.

Dec 27, 2017


Jack Morton explains things very well. I had taken the Iowa Property and Causality two different times and failed both times on the other material. I just happened to find America's Professor. Jack explains things in a way that makes you understand the first time. If you do exactly as he says, you will pass the first time. He makes things easy. I highly recommend America's Professor to anyone who has tried to pass their exam and didn't pass elsewhere. He makes things easy enough for you to understand that if you are the type of person who takes longer to learn things as well. Highly recommend!!!!

Dec 17, 2017


I highly recommend America's Professor for your P&C and Life license training. The state exam is very tough and Jack breaks it down to simple easy to understand terminology. It is an affordable course and Jack is a great guy who teaches what will be on the exam. He has quizes and final exam prep to get you ready to take the State Exam. This is by far the best training out there. I passed the 1st time. I took the P&C and Life and Health Courses and was very happy to have passed all of them with high scores. Do your future self a favor for success, get this course!!

Jul 19, 2017


I took courses for property, casualty, life, accident & health with America's Professor and Jack was a wonderful teacher. It helped having quizzes after every chapter and section. I passed all tests on the first try and it is because of structure and study tips Jack provided. Thank you for making my entrance in to the insurance world an easy transition!

Jul 18, 2017

Curtis nichols

Jack did a amazing job with his videos making them entertaining. I got a 90% on my first try. I had no previous knowledge on insurance

Jun 16, 2017


Great program, I passed my casualty the first time yet the property I did not pass I just needed 2% to pass. I email and notify America's Professor and they gave me extended time to study the property portion. I passed the second time with 86%. I Highly recommend it.

May 08, 2017


Great course! I passes both test and the Iowa general law the first time. I recommend this course.

Feb 21, 2017


Thank you America's Professor passed on the first attempt after purchasing practice exam and reviews 10 days ago. Highly recommend this course.

Oct 28, 2016


Fantastic course! Knocked it out in 3 straight days, took the exam the next day, scored a cumulative 96% on Life, 92% on Health. Thank you so much for having this course available!

Jul 07, 2016


I highly recommend purchasing this! I passed both Life with an 88% and Health with an 86%! Mr. Morton makes learning this topic entertaining and easy to follow. I could not have passed the test without this!

May 17, 2016

Heather E

I passed my Iowa Property and Casualty tests on the first try! I could not have done it without the online videos and following along in my study materials. Professor Morton you are a wonderful teacher!

Aug 19, 2015


I did just want the course said to do and I passed!! The first TIME!!! Thank you so very much. I am taking another course I need with America's Professor!!!

Apr 17, 2015

Rosalie A.

GREAT NEWS...I passed my property and casualty tests today....HOORAY! I want to thank you and Professor Jack for making that happen! I have enjoyed the classes and very much appreciate the extension on time you gave me. You guys almost making studying for a test something to look forward to - almost!!! Again, thank you!

Apr 29, 2014

Derek Z.

Just wanted to say thank you for helping me pass all of my insurance licensing exams!! This class is amazing, was instrumental to me passing! Thank you for the extra time on the class as well...i was super busy with working 60 hours a week. Was worried i wasn't going to get it done in the given amount of time. Once again THANK YOU and i would recommend this class to anyone WANTING to pass! :D

Mar 11, 2014

Paul G.

I took your Iowa P/C course without any background in insurance. I thought that the course was well designed, easy to follow and very informational. I passed both exams on the first attempt with ease.

Jan 16, 2014

Kristie M.

I took the Iowa Life and Health Ins test a few years ago and struggled with passing the test because the material I had was dry and not interesting. I was new to the industry and didn't know a lot of the terms and found it difficult. I passed the test after a few attempts. I had to retake the exam recently because my licenses expired. This time I used America’s Professor and I thought it was great - I passed the test the first time! Jack told great stories and helped me relate to the material. The video of Jack teaching in addition to the highlighted text are great learning tools. Jack is animated and gets his point across with his words, but highlights the important items, so reviewing without watching the video is possible. The Iowa state material was spot on. I thought Jack did a great job of getting the points across in a way that was easy to remember. I took my exam last Monday and passed with these scores: Accident and Health – General Knowledge 72% and State 83% Life – General Knowledge 90% and State 96%. Thank you and I will be sure to send all referrals your way.

Nov 27, 2013

Steve Swanson - Sioux City, IA

Jack and Pat, I took the Life and Health exam today, and received 90% on Life and 84% on Health, and averaged 89% on the state questions, great course, and great company. Thank You.

Oct 10, 2013

Lynette H.

I passed both my life and health insurance tests the first time. I had no prior knowledge of this material-- your course is very comprehensive and did a fantastic job of preparing me for the tests!!! Thank you also for letting me take my time through the material.

Apr 23, 2012

Mark S.

I was very prepared and confidant after completing the course. Average scores of 90% on Iowa life and health. Starting on course for P & C test today. Would highly recommend!

Feb 07, 2012

Karen S.

Very good program.

Dec 28, 2011

David A.

I took the Iowa P & C test Tuesday July 19th and passed. I will recommend the course to anyone. If a 56 year old that has lost study habits can do it anyone can.

Jul 20, 2011

Myra V.

Thanks for the help. I enjoyed the course and appreciate that it was straight forward. Thank you.

Jun 23, 2011

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