Testimonial - Timothy Koo

Course Taken - Texas General Lines Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

5 out of 5

Date - June 16, 2022

America’s Professor program is great! They have both Soft Copies online that you can start right away while waiting for the Hardcopies to arrive. Recommend to Download the PDF soft copies, it is searchable file, where you can do ctrl-f, with the keyword without flipping pages. Personally, it took me more than 7 months due to various reasons, and AP were gracious to extent the course like 6 times. You should definitely do it within 2-3 weeks, while your memory stays fresh, less reviewing. I did and crash review of all the chapter exam, section test and 3 times on the final exam in the last 4 days prior to the licensing Exam. With all of those practice score between 90-100, I passed it with 87/100, passing score is 70. Manage your time in the Exam, it is separated into 2 sections. if you do it online, no breaks for almost 3 hours including the pre-test prep for the proctor to check you in (30 mins).
I love the way how AP sets the program, it is way better than just trying to memorize everything. The licensing Exam questions were not the same as in word for word, but once you get it you get it. All the Best!