Testimonial - Sandra

Course Taken - Texas General Lines Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

5 out of 5

Date - September 17, 2020

I just returned home from taking my TX GL Property & Casualty Agent exam and passing with an 88. I was very nervous about the Texas portion which….by the time I got to it I was a bit burned out bc I let the study portion time drag on for about 50 days (I got stuck on one of the long chapters, then I got sidetracked by watching the RNC every night after work for 4 days! Take Jack’s advice and schedule the exam right away so you’ll be motivated to keep studying with a deadline in mind. Jack did a great job of explaining the principles but my weakness was memorizing all those numbers and percentages. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as most folks make it sound, so don’t get intimidated up front. I made flashcards (just making them was extremely helpful bc I had to paraphrase the questions and answers in my own words) and I reviewed by watching Jack’s videos (on the chapters I had trouble with) the 2 days prior to taking the test. My most important test-taking tip (which I used to get A’s in College as an older adult recently and also for getting a 100% on the US Census job application/test) is to avoid drinks with artificial sweeteners prior to doing anything that requires higher level thinking 🙂
I highly recommend this course not only for its effectiveness but bc Jack Morton’s wholesome character and high moral code shines through every aspect of the course.