Testimonial - Richard C

Course Taken - Georgia Adjuster & Public Adjuster (PC) Pre-Licensing Course

5 out of 5

Date - January 5, 2022

This course was SO great! I hate studying. I especially hate studying online, I loathe it. I’m a visual learner and being able to see Dr. Jack talk and follow along in the book was super helpful! I went through half a dozen highlighters! The way he describes everything and the funny explanations, I couldn’t have done this without him. Thank you so much! Also, Thank you Dr. Jack for giving me the confidence at the end of the final chapter. Sitting in that exam room today, There were a few questions I didn’t know, but I read them a few times and read every possible answer, and just as you said, I’ll recognize the correct answer, and I did. I can’t say enough great things about AP. I’m excited for my new career as an adjuster!