Testimonial - Marky Mark

Course Taken - Texas General Lines Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

4 out of 5

Date - March 30, 2022

I passed my test the first time!!

Advice for new test takers/students:
– Decide beforehand which method of study you prefer; either the book version (physical/online) first or the video lectures. *This will help your brain stay focused and form the muscle memory earlier on. I can’t stress how important that is because you can throw yourself off if you don’t do it the way your unique brain will absorb the material best.
– Understand that if you study full-time, study in minilessons versus cramming just to get it out of the way! *You can always take the section review quizzes to test yourself on sections but know that those review questions are a bit lengthy (especially for first timers). By knowing when to move forward and when to pause, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.
– If you are taking notes, try and write the material in your own words & say the content aloud as you write them. *I personally used giant posterboards to write my terms & definitions. Then as I reviewed them before the State exam, I was able to remember things easier-ly.
– Switch up the learning methods once you’ve finished either the virtual or audio way. *This allows time for you to associate the content in a different way, while not rushing into forgetting everything and trying to relearn at the same time.
– I honestly believe the study time should be around 2 weeks. *This allows you to absorb what you need, while balancing life and having the information fresh enough to test. Don’t procrastinate but by all means, don’t stress yourself out! Remember to have those notes handy for when you go through everything a few last times before the test.
-Lastly, schedule to test in-person (preferably). It was a nightmare trying to do the test at home. They don’t tell you in advance that you can’t have anything on your desk besides one computer only. They don’t allow dual monitors and it weas a pain trying to show my room a million times only to have them arbitrarily come up with new things to check and it was a mess!! Save yourself the trouble of having to have the test revoked due to some impatience and silliness with the online surveillance process. The dispute process is also not worth it because they can refuse to hear your side of the story even though you’re being compliant.

All this to say, trust yourself and Good Luck!!