Testimonial - Marilyn C.

Course Taken - Texas General Lines Life, Accident & Health Pre-Licensing Course

5 out of 5

Date - June 6, 2021


I looked around trying to find a Life and Health Insurance course. There was a course initially suggested to me- I started it and it was not long before I realized this was not going to work for me! The mythology was all memorization- which for me was impossible and made no sense. Looking at others online as well as live courses in Texas- the 1st time pass rates were all about 33%! How can this be???? Then I listened to a video given by America’s Professor and said; “well, at least you get a book with this course, highlighting sounded like a good idea, and with lecture videos!” So he was implementing seeing, hearing and the tackle sensation of underlining in the book- we all learn differently and he was covering all the bases! None of the other places even offered a “real” book that you would be able to reference down the road- but he did! I thought this was going to be my best bet and it was!

You can’t possibly memorize all these term and concepts, they have to be taught in a logical fashion to grasp an understanding if insurance is a completely NEW to you- otherwise your head will be spinning. He lays things out in a logical methodical way to help grasp these concepts!

Don’t get me wrong, you have to study! This is not simple stuff. But if your goal is to pass the state test THE VERY FIRST TIME- America’s Professor is the way to go!!! It is never fun failing a test and having to repeat it, right?

Marilyn C.
1st time Pass Student’s of America’s Professor