Testimonial - Keisha

Course Taken - Texas General Lines Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

5 out of 5

Date - June 30, 2021

This course was referred to me by my now company I work for. It was stress free in using the videos and taking the quizzes. I absolutely love the teaching method and felt I was right in class. The personable feel to this course helped me to really learn and pass my exam! I am now working on my L&H course and very excited to continue on with America’s Professor. The only thing I want to suggest that would have been easier is to listen to the videos in the car like through a mobile app that connected to through bluetooth. Otherwise I made it work and learned a lot!

AP RESPONSE: Thanks for your suggestion Keisha! We’ve thought about, and tested, having audio versions of the video but what happened was student felt it was easier to listen to the videos in the background while driving than to sit down and give 100% focus to the lecture (and take notes). They felt multitasking while driving worked best for their schedule but the reality was that it wasn’t best for pass results. We will continue to kick around an audio version (maybe just reading the book) and hopefully come up with one that students would use as an extra study method rather than their primary way to consume the material. Thanks again for being a great student! 🙂