Testimonial - Kaitlyn Fontenot

Course Taken - Hawaii Life, Accident & Health Pre-Licensing Course

5 out of 5

Date - July 15, 2022

First, I would like to thank Jack Morton for sharing his knowledge and giving me the confidence in taking my test. I am still taking the course but I am not nearly as nervous as I was in the beginning. Jack has done an amazing job ensuring that the material is being retained by giving great examples and clearly explaining his points. He greatly emphasizes that he is teaching what we need to pass the test and that is my kind of teacher! One with an understanding that we aren’t going to go into the test with everything memorized completely or that it will even be relevant once the testing is over. There has been a few, and I mean very few, spots where Jack mixes up his words but he’s extremely fast to catch is and correct it, as to not leave you confused. I find myself engaging with Jack like I’m actually in a class and answering his questions aloud. Like I said, I haven’t taken the test yet (I take it in just a few days) but I do feel pretty confident that I will do just fine. I am really glad I took this course and I’m positive anyone else who takes this course will feel the same! So, thank you Jack (and Nancy also! You’ve been a huge help as well with all the examples used!) for helping me with my career goals!