Testimonial - Jim D

Course Taken - Montana Life Pre-Licensing Course

5 out of 5

Date - July 11, 2016

Second time using AP and I passed AGAIN on the first try! 75 was passing and I scored 96. Great style of teaching. He is able to make the most BORING content somewhat tolerable! Great sense of humor as dry as it is and it still comes across even online! Thank you very much, Great value. One suggestion? Modernize it a bit technology wise. Time for a real mobile version. How about converting into podcasts for sales people on the go with hours of windshield time?

Go Griz!

AP Response: Great score Jim! A mobile version is right around the corner but unfortunately the lecture doesn’t convert well for for audio only (lots of pauses while Jack is writing). Since the point of the course is to emulate a live course, it’s imperative that students consume the information as if they were in a live class with their full attention given to the instructor. Also, prior trials of audio only components showed that many people skipped the core videos and tried to skimp along with only the audio (we are all so busy these days). So, we will more than likely stick with the same deliver options and see the same great results but you never know… Thanks for being a great student!