Testimonial - Jessica

Course Taken - Missouri Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

5 out of 5

Date - May 21, 2021

After failing BY ONE I was absolutely so discouraged because seeing the reviews on here so many people passed the very first time. I sent an email regarding my test and a picture of it. That’s when the work really began, Pat was on the phone with me for hours every night tutoring me for 2 week!! Took it again and failed BY ONE AGAIN. I was so so upset and wanted to quit. Pat talked me down and TRULY uplifted me and actually made me believe in myself! He worked with me for another 5 days and i took the test today! Well today I PASSED. So you get knocked down a few times, get back up! Put some elbow grease in and you will absolutely pass. Cool thing about this program they truly are your biggest fans 🙂 Pat will never ever know of what a blessing he was.
God bless