Testimonial - Jennifer

Course Taken - Texas General Lines Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

5 out of 5

Date - February 25, 2023

America’s Professor is TOP tier. I pass my exam 1st try with a 92%. They have been so patient with me and my needs for extensions. The videos help with making the material easy to understand and Jack’s “little stories” help you to understand the finer concepts. Most of the test questions I saw on the exam where right out of this outline, which definitely help calm my test jitters. If there was a question or two that stumped me, I easily was able to narrow it down to 50/50 chance just by understanding the answers provided and knowing what they are referring to. If you follow these videos, highlight your textbook and take the review tests provided you will do just fine. The BEST thing I love about this study outline is that you can take the review tests over and over and if you find that a section or two has you stumped you can rewatch EXACT points and areas of the material without having to remember a timestamp in a 2 hour video. As the material is sectioned off into easy digestible chunks. 100/10 I will use America’s Professor again for any future courses. 🙂