Testimonial - Isaiah

Course Taken - Iowa Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

5 out of 5

Date - August 17, 2021

I knew pretty much nothing about insurance before starting this program, but I had to get licensed for my new job. The task of learning about this whole new world was very daunting to me. However, America’s Professor blew my expectations way out of the water.

The easy to read textbook and incredibly helpful practices quizzes are the sole reason I passed my P&C exam with such a high score. AP does an excellent job of breaking concepts down into manageable and memorable ways to remember. I didn’t watch the videos, but I’m sure they could have only helped.

The ONLY tiny issue that I have with AP is the practice quiz review. I wish that questions that I had flagged would be visible in the quiz navigation portion, rather than me having to scroll down and find which ones I flagged. That is my only complaint and it is a rather small one compared to all of the other amazing aspects.

If I ever bump into anyone who is interested in getting licensed, I will definitely be recommending America’s Professor to them.