Testimonial - Heather Hatcher

Course Taken - Georgia Life, Accident & Sickness (LAS) Insurance Pre-Licensing Course

5 out of 5

Date - February 1, 2021

It has taken me about two full weeks to prepare for my LAS exam. I read along with the videos and if the information wasn’t read in the video, I paused it and continued reading. Once, I finished each video, I would take the test at the end of the chapter. I made flashcards of the information I got wrong and studied like crazy!

I swear if you want to pass, put your all into it. This course was amazing, because of Jack, and how he breaks the terms down for us. He is an amazing professor and I am forever thankful to him for everything.

I passed my exam on the first try. I was honestly so surprised because I was so sure I failed. After about the 20-30ish question, I was doubting myself, but I continued to breathe and picked the best answer of the four choices.

Like some have said, the exam is much different than this course, but this course and all the questions on the end of the chapter quizzes will prepare you very well for the actual exam. The test questions on the actual exam are worded differently of course, but if you break the questions down and realize what type of life insurance, how often the insured wants to pay, etc. you will get the questions right. As I said, I was honestly so shocked when I PASSED!!! I literally almost cried because I was so stressed by the end of the exam….but I passed and I am so so so thankful!!!

Again, thank you so much Jack and all staff members helping with this class, I am forever grateful!