Testimonial - Gen

Course Taken - Georgia Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

5 out of 5

Date - June 1, 2021

This was an excellent course! “Morton” does a fantastic job relaying the material and giving good pointers and aides to remember some things. I was so stressed and scared I was going to fail because everyone has told me how hard the exam is. I passed my exam in an hour. I found that while some parts were tough, with the training I got through America’s Professor, it was not as tough as I expected. There were a couple of questions that were not covered in the training material, but he did warn that would be the case, so I was not caught off guard by that. 5 years ago when I first got into insurance I tried taking a course with another online course and it did not work for me. This one was fantastic! I had to contact customer service a couple of times. Every time was after hours yet a received a personalized response within half an hour and the reps that contacted me were very friendly! I would offer just two suggestions: 1) get cousin Joe some help and intervention; 2) it’s time to buy wife Nancy a fur coat! 😀 I’m not starting my life/health/accident course and am expecting great results! Thank you America’s Professor!