Testimonial - Charles Pitzer

Course Taken - Virginia Health Pre-Licensing Course

5 out of 5

Date - August 10, 2020

Hello, all!

Shout out to Annie at AP. I put in the required work to pass the Virginia Health Insurance exam.

AP was FANTASTIC! I read each chapter, watched every video lecture, laughed (ROTFL) numerous times at Professor Jack’s subtle, oblique, wry, dry sense of humor, and probably took the test quizzes 10 times each …. 21 test quizzes X ~10 = ~210 Test Quizzes!

Long story short, I got 80% on the VA State Health Insurance exam on Saturday, August 1, I was well prepared and finished 102 questions under one hour’s time.

I used only AP to prepare.

I HIGHLY recommend AP to anyone that’s seeking a path towards a required state license for any industry.

The support was extremely personal, prompt, and helpful when I had questions via email, phone, whatever.

Annie called me on a weekend to answer some questions !!

Thank you, Annie!

Thank you, Professor Jack!

AP rocks!