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Charity N.

Course Taken - Texas General Lines Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

5 out of 5

Date - November 29, 2018

Charity N.

I don’t know where to begin. When I first started looking into getting my P&C license, I researched a few courses. Then I checked out the reviews. America’s Professor (AP) had the BEST reviews. I was really skeptical but other courses had some bad reviews that I wasn’t willing to take a chance on them. This course allowed 45 days to completion, with extensions. I didn’t think I would need even 1 extension but I received a few (life situations). Finally, I took the exam and passed on the FIRST try. I can’t thank America’s Professors enough. Now I know why they received such great reviews. The coursework was spot on. The material was entertaining and funny at times and because of that I was able to retain lots of information that was taught. The examples really makes one understand the coursework better. I’m now onto pursuing my CPCU Destinations and oh how I wished AP was teaching these courses. Oh, I can’t forget the staff. The staff was extremely pleasant. I found myself feeling nervous to email them but when I did they made me feel at ease. They were there to make this process extremely easy without bumps in the road…AND did I mention they answered email promptly? They are real people not robots or answering machines. The whole AP package is such a good thing. Ordering the materials was easy. The shipment came on time, as expected. No stress involved. I had such a great experience with AP that I’ve boast about it to my co-workers. Thanks a million!!!

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