Testimonial - Brittany

Course Taken - Washington State Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

5 out of 5

Date - April 21, 2023

This course was straight-forward and for the most part, well-organized. The content was easy to understand, and Jack made it fun and interesting to learn. This course gave me everything I needed to know to pass the exam on the first try with a score of 81%!
I made several study guides based on the topics I had a greater difficulty understanding. It really helps to write/type it out in your own words, draw pictures if needed, and repetition is key! The content support staff was wonderful–shout out to Pat and Shelly, who explained several concepts to me, and gave me a gentle reminder to not over-think.
Overall, I would definitely recommend this course. And I know way more about trees and shrubs than I ever hoped to learn 😉