Testimonial - Blaine B.

Course Taken - Idaho Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

5 out of 5

Date - January 18, 2014

I bought the programs for property and casualty and also life & health. I was scoring in the 90s on most of the quizzes so I was feeling pretty comfortable.

When I went into the Pearson-vue test center to register for the exams the lady at the center said “you are registered for four tests!” I said “yes, is that a problem?” she said “no, its just that most people only do one or two at a time.” I said “I just drove 70 miles and paid for all 4, so I’m going to take all 4!”

So I was there for nearly six hours by the time I got fingerprinted, but I passed all four lines!!!! Don’t know what the score was, but I passed, and that’s all that matters!

Thanks for a great course. Dr. Morton even has a little bit of sense of humor!