Testimonial - Betty M

Course Taken - Washington State Life & Disability (Health) Pre-Licensing Course

5 out of 5

Date - October 6, 2021

I was originally recommended to take America’s Professor class from a family friend, who also took the Washington Insurance test after taking the America’s Professor and easily passed.

I am so glad that I signed up with America Professor for Life, Accident and health Insurance. I passed the state test easily! I did study, but noticed that the “memorizing” techniques that are taught are very helpful. I had no trouble recognizing certain insurance terms, which could be quite intimidating.

I will never forget the difference between terms like “Survivorship” and “Joint,” or “90 days,” or the myriad of other terms lodged firmly in my brain. I have a friend who actually took the Washington State Life, Accident and Health Insurance test not long ago and failed four times in a row after taking a different insurance course. She gave up, and decided it was not for her.

So, I highly recommend America’s Professor course. I also advise everyone to pay attention to when the Prof says “this will be on the test” in his lectures. If you memorize nothing else, commit those to memory. Make a note of it in your book! Make the notation “TQ” next to the relevant text after the prof says those words, because when the time comes you will recognize the questions and fly through the answers with confidence.

Thank you Professor for your memorization techniques, thank you for interesting lectures. I always felt a little sorry for “Nancy,” and laughed at some of the stories and examples. The upside down airplane and negotiations with Nancy were also very helpful.

Best Regards,
Happy in the State of Washington, a grateful insurance producer