Is the Utah Insurance Exam Difficult?

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The Utah insurance exams are challenging. Depending on which exam you’re taking, you’ll have to remember different insurance concepts and terminology—things like “loss payable clause” and “annuitization.”

If you’re well prepared, you should do fine on the exam.

Some exams are more challenging than others. In general, the Accident & Health exam tends to be more difficult than the Life exam. That’s because health insurance policies are more complicated, with lots of jargon and different coverages to memorize.

Between the Property exam and Casualty exam, Property is the easier of the two. Property exams deal with things like fires and floods, which are easier to wrap your head around. Casualty deals with liability insurance, which is more complicated.

All exams have two parts:

  • A state-specific section, which deals with state laws and regulations. This section tends to be more challenging.
  • A national section, which deals with laws and regulations more broadly. This section is usually easier.

You’ll need a passing score of 70 on both sections—the two scores are not averaged together.


Prepare for Your Exam

The best way to prepare for your insurance licensing exam is to take a pre-licensing course with a reputable provider, like America’s Professor (AP).

Our comprehensive courses cover everything you’ll encounter on the exam. We use a combination of online video lectures and a hard copy textbook (in which you can take notes and highlight).

Our courses are suitable for everyone, whether you’re a visual learner or you learn best by hearing information. We’ll help you make sense of complex insurance terms and concepts, so you’re ready come exam day.

With AP you’ll get 24/7 access to our online suite of streaming “better-than-live” video lectures for 45 days, with more time at no charge, if you need it. Enroll in a course and start preparing for your Utah insurance licensing exam today!

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