Failed the Utah Property & Casualty Insurance Exam?


America’s Professor works hard to give our students all the information and tools they need to pass their exam on the first try. That’s why it’s rare for one of our students to fail part of the exam. But every now and then it happens.

If you’re in this camp, not to worry! With a little brush up you’ll be ready to retake the exam in no time.

We welcome your calls and emails for specific recommendations and advice, but you might find the following information helpful in the meantime.

Which of the scenarios below best applies to you?

Failed the Property Exam, National Section

In our experience, when students fail the national section of the Utah Property exam it’s because they had trouble in one of the following areas:

  • Types of policies: We recommend studying the materials on Homeowner’s and Dwelling insurance as well as Commercial Building and Personal Property (BPP) and Business Income/Extra Expenses. Make sure you score at least 90% on our review questions.
  • Policy provisions and contract law: These are challenging concepts for anyone. Chapters 1-5 of our Section 1 textbook covers these topics. If you purchased your course from America’s Professor, these are the areas to study. Give us a call at 800-870-3130 if you need help and guidance.
  • Insurance terms and related concepts: Insurance terms and concepts can be challenging to remember. The only way to get them down is to study. We recommend reviewing our textbook completely, since insurance terms and concepts are sprinkled throughout.

Failed the Property Exam, State Section

If you failed the state section of the Utah property exam, we recommend reviewing the state chapter again in detail plus the videos and review questions. Your goal should be to score at least 90% on your review questions.

Failed the Casualty Exam, National Section

When students fail the national section of the casualty exam it’s usually because they had trouble with one of the following sections:

  • Types of policies: We recommend reviewing the material on Commercial General Liability (CGL) especially, as well as the materials on Personal Auto Policy, Workers’ Compensation, and Commercial Crime.
  • Policy provisions: This information is covered in Chapters 1-5 in our Section 1 textbook. Review these chapters thoroughly.
  • Insurance terms and concepts: This information is covered throughout our textbook. Review the textbook thoroughly as well as the videos and review questions.

Failed the Casualty Exam, State Section

Your best approach is to review the state-specific chapter in its entirety, watch the videos and go over the review questions. Again, you want to score at least 90% on your review questions—keep studying until you do.

There’s no getting around it—you’ve got to study to be well prepared to retake the exam. There’s no substitute for knowing the material. The next exam will not be the same as the one you failed.

Give us a call with questions or for guidance and advice at 800-870-3130. We’re here for you every step of the way!

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