Is the Texas Insurance Exam Difficult?


If you’re planning to take the Texas insurance licensing exam, you want to know what to expect. How hard is the exam, and how much time do you need to spend on exam prep? Keep reading to find out.

You’ll get out what you put in.

There’s no dancing around it. You can’t just stroll into a testing center and expect to pass the insurance licensing exam without studying.

Preparation is everything. The insurance field is full of industry-specific concepts and jargon you can’t just know intuitively. You’ve got to study.

The best way to prepare is to take a pre-licensing course for your exam—whether it’s Life, Accident, & Health, General Lines Property & Casualty, or another line. The Texas exam prep courses America’s Professor offers cover all the possible topics you might encounter on the exam. Our “better than live” online lecture videos and practice quizzes are designed to help you absorb and retain the information.

Which exam is hardest?

All insurance licensing exams are challenging, but in general the Accident & Health exam tends to be more difficult for students than the Life exam. Health insurance policies are simply more complicated than life policies.

While the Property exam deals with easier-to-grasp issues like fire, flooding, and earthquakes, the Casualty exam deals with more complicated issues, like liability insurance.

No matter which exam you take, the test will have two sections:

  • A state-specific section, which covers state rules and regulations and is usually the more challenging part of the exam.
  • A national section, which covers federal insurance laws and is usually the easier part of the exam.

All the questions on the exams are multiple choice. In Texas you need a combined score of 70 to pass. Read more about how to pass the Texas insurance exam.

While everyone is different, you should expect to spend 30-40 hours studying for the Life, Accident, & Health or Property & Casualty exam. It may seem like a lot. But putting in the time will give you the best chances of passing on the first try and not having to go through the process all over again.

Enroll in a course and start preparing for your Texas insurance licensing exam today! With AP you’ll get 24/7 access to our online suite of streaming video lectures for 45 days, with more time at no charge, if you need it.


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