Is the South Carolina Insurance Exam Difficult?

At America’s Professor (AP) we get this question a lot. It’s understandable—if you’ve decided to get your insurance license you need to know things like: how to prepare for the exam, what the pass rates are for the exam you’re taking, where to get practice exams, and more.

America’s Professor has more than 30 years of experience preparing students for their insurance licensing exams. Whether you’re going for your life and health license to expand your existing career or your goal is to become a property and casualty insurance agent for the first time, you can count on AP. We have exam prep down to a science—it’s why we’re one of the most trusted insurance schools in the country.


Property and Casualty Insurance Exam Difficulty

Each South Carolina insurance licensing exam is different, with its own specific challenges. All exams have two sections: a national portion and a state-specific section. The state-specific topics often cover details pertaining to state regulations, which can be difficult to remember.

That’s why it’s so important to choose an experienced exam prep provider, like America’s Professor. We make the material easy to understand and memorable, so you’ll know it come exam day.


Property & Casualty

In general, the property exam is easier than the casualty exam. This is because property insurance covers against hazards like floods, fires, and earthquakes. These concepts are easier to understand than the more abstract topics that fall under casualty insurance, such as liability issues and protection against lawsuits.


Life & Health

Between life and health, students generally report that the health insurance exam is more challenging—this is because health insurance policies are inherently more complicated than life insurance policies.


Expect a Challenge

Bottom line: You should expect to be challenged by whichever South Carolina insurance licensing exam you take. You should not expect to just wing it—you must know the material, and that means being well prepared. Choose an exam prep provider wisely, put yourself on a strict schedule as you do your exam prep work, remain focused and disciplined, and you will be setting yourself up for success!

Read more about test format and scoring, exam fees, testing locations, tips for preparing for the exam, and more on this page; then enroll in a South Carolina insurance course with AP!


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