Iowa Insurance Licensing Exam – the Real World vs. the Test World


This is a very common issue for our students with Real World insurance experience, as well as students who are getting input from friends with Real World insurance experience.
The Iowa insurance licensing exam (aka the Test World) is developed using a set of standard insurance forms which are not specific to any company. Often, companies in the Real World have completely different procedures, making it difficult for students with past experience. This becomes a pretty big hurdle for some students to get over. When studying for the insurance licensing exam, you must separate any Real World experience from what you are learning in the Test World.

Not that Real World students are at a disadvantage; on the contrary, students with an understanding of insurance terminology have a great advantage.

We often receive phone calls from students asking which is correct, the Real World or the Test World information? If you are trying to pass the Iowa insurance licensing exam, the Test World is correct, period. It may not be what makes sense to you, but it’s what determines whether you pass the insurance licensing exam or not. When you are taking an insurance pre-licensing course, you are in the Test World.

Do your best to stay in the Test World while preparing for the exam!

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