The Best Way to Prepare for the Arizona Property & Casualty Insurance Exam


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Arizona has seen explosive growth in the last few decades—and that’s great news for aspiring insurance agents. The state’s more than 7 million residents need insurance protection for their homes, cars, valuables, and more.

If you’re getting ready for the Arizona Property & Casualty exam, you need a good plan. The insurance licensing exams are challenging, and the information they cover is not common knowledge.

The property and casualty insurance exam pass rates illustrate why it’s so important to study.  Just 46% of test takers pass the Property & Casualty exam on the first try, according to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Even fewer (43%) pass the Property exam, while just half (50%) of test takers pass the Casualty exam on the first try.

Don’t let these numbers discourage you. With a solid plan, it’s absolutely possible to pass your exam the first time you take it.

America’s Professor is one of the nation’s leading property and casualty exam prep providers. Keep reading for tried-and-tested tips to help you pass your licensing exam with flying colors.

#1: Give yourself plenty of study time.

The experts at America’s Professor recommend that you start studying at least two weeks before the exam, but not more than four weeks in advance. This will give you enough time to study and absorb the material, but not so much time that you’ll forget things come exam day.

You should dedicate 35-40 hours to study. It may seem like a lot, but this is the typical length of an in-person course. And it’s how much time the average student needs to absorb the material.

The Property & Casualty combo exam has 150 questions, and you will have 2.5 hours to complete it. This is plenty of time for most students.

#2: Minimize distractions while you study.

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We all know what it’s like to be distracted or interrupted when we’re trying to concentrate on a task. Distractions are a major time suck. In fact, research shows that it takes an astonishing 23 minutes to recover from them, on average.

To get the most out of your study time, choose a quiet spot where you can concentrate. If your home is noisy, study at your local library with noise-canceling headphones. Another option is a quiet spot at your local park, or even in your car during your lunch break or after work. Whatever it takes to get in some quality study time.

#3: Enroll in an exam prep course.

There are lots of study guides online, but they’re not comprehensive learning solutions. Taking an exam prep course through a reputable provider like America’s Professor will give you the foundational knowledge you need to pass your exam.

The insurance licensing exams are designed to throw you off and test whether you really understand the information. Don’t rely on practice exams to learn the material or try to memorize answers from study guides.

Instead, enroll in a pre-licensing course that is specifically designed for the property and casualty exam in Arizona. This will give you the best chances of passing the first time—and not having to repeat the process all over again.

Ready to Get Started?

Enroll in the Arizona property and casualty exam prep course through America’s Professor today! You’ll get instant 45-day access to our comprehensive streaming lectures, plus a hardcopy textbook to highlight and take notes—all backed by our outstanding customer service.

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