Best Arizona Approved Insurance Pre-Licensing Course for You?

If you’re planning to take an insurance licensing exam in Arizona, preparation is everything. Insurance licensing exams aren’t general knowledge tests—the only way to know the material is to study. And the best way to study is by taking an exam prep course.

The Arizona Department of Insurance doesn’t require it, but you’ll have much better chances of passing your exam on the first try by taking a pre-licensing course.


Here are some important things to consider when deciding which exam prep provider to use:

Which is better—an online course or a live course?

They both have their pros and cons:

  • Online courses typically give you 24/7 access to the course materials, which means you can study at your own pace when it’s convenient for you. This is a good option for people who work or go to school full time and can’t take time off. It’s also much less expensive, since you don’t have to pay for transportation to a classroom or lodging costs if the class is out of town. With an online course you won’t have in-person access to an instructor, but reputable online exam prep providers will provide remote access to an instructor and/or a customer service team.
  • Live courses are ideal for people who aren’t tech savvy or who prefer frequent feedback and interaction with an instructor—some people just learn better in a classroom setting. Classroom courses have their drawbacks. They’re typically around 40 hours long (5 days) and take place during the workweek. That means you’ll need to take time off from work or school and pay for transportation and lodging if the classroom is out of town.

How will the course material be taught?

This depends on whether you choose an online course or a live classroom course. Most exam prep providers—online and classroom—have moved away from using textbooks only. Instead, they use a combination of a textbook and online videos or DVDs, and interactive activities like online quizzes. Most people learn best through a combination of video lectures and review questions/exams to test their knowledge.

Videos are especially helpful, because you can watch them as many times as you need. If you don’t score well on a review quiz, you can watch the video again to improve your comprehension and quiz score.

If you decide to take an online pre-licensing course, make sure the company provides access to a customer service team or instructor in case you have questions or get stuck on something.

How have students rated the exam prep provider you’re considering?

Just like you’d look up reviews for a dentist or a mechanic, you should check out the reviews and testimonials for any insurance exam prep providers you’re considering. If a company has mostly or all positive reviews, you can feel confident you’re making a good choice.

How much time will I have to study the material and complete the course?

Live courses are usually 5 days long. Most companies will give you a textbook, so you can keep reviewing the material up until your test day. Online providers typically give you access to online materials like videos and quizzes for 30-90 days. America’s Professor gives students extra time at no charge, if needed. Other providers give extensions for a fee or at no charge.

It’s very unlikely you’ll need 90, 60, or even 45 days, but it’s nice to have plenty of time. We recommend completing the insurance pre-licensing course and taking your licensing exam within 30 days. The longer you wait to take the exam after completing the course the more information you’re likely to forget.

How much does pre-licensing training cost?

Live courses are expensive—usually several hundred dollars. And you’ll also have transportation costs, at a minimum.

Online courses usually cost between $75 and $225. This is a small price to pay to be well prepared for your exam. Failing the exam is a major setback. You’ll have to retake the test, which means starting the whole process over again and taking more time off from work or school.

When researching online courses, always do an “apples to apples” cost comparison. A Property & Casualty pre-licensing course won’t cost the same as a Life only course. Also, make sure the online course you choose includes the following:

  • Digital or hardcopy textbook (hardcopy is better, since you can make notes and highlight)
  • 24/7 access to online video lectures and other materials
  • Online course demo (so you can see if you like their presentation style)
  • Plenty of easy-to-understand review questions

Also make sure the company has good reviews/testimonials and offers customer service. Do your homework and choose your provider wisely.

Taking an insurance exam prep course is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure you have the knowledge you need to pass your exam on the first try.

Enroll in a Arizona pre-licensing course today and be well on your way to launching or expanding your career in the lucrative insurance industry!

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Lisa West
Lisa West
2 months ago

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