5 Benefits of Being an Insurance Agent

Insurance agent helping a client in a office

Why work in insurance? If this question stirs up images of boring days behind a desk, think again. Insurance is a dynamic field with many different specialties.

Most people start their insurance career in sales or customer service. But there are so many ways to branch out in this broad industry. For example, if you love working in the field and don’t want to be tied to a desk, a job as a claims adjuster might be a great fit.

Whether you want to work on your own or for a large national company, one thing is certain: Everyone needs insurance at some point, whether it’s auto liability coverage or health insurance.

It’s why insurance is considered one of the most stable industries. The demand for insurance products is only expected to grow over time, which is great news for aspiring insurance agents.

There are so many amazing reasons to make a move into the insurance industry. As a licensed insurance agent you can secure a stable career, learn a variety of transferable skills, and set yourself up for career growth.

Let’s dive into the top five benefits of being an insurance agent.

1: Job security

Insurance has been around for centuries, and it’s still one of the most recession-proof industries. Individuals and businesses will always need protection from major financial losses, which can strike anywhere at any time. As long as people continue to drive cars, buy homes, and operate businesses, the demand for insurance will remain high.

2: High earnings potential

Insurance sales agents make well above the median national income, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But this is just the beginning. You can make a considerable income—even six figures—depending on where you live and which products you sell. Working in insurance is a great way to start immediately paying off debts and building a nest egg for the future.

3: Flexible schedule

Whether you decide to work independently or as a captive agent, odds are you’ll be able to find a schedule that works best for you. Many employers offer flexible hours, and these days many companies also offer work-from-home and hybrid options. You might even be able to find a job that involves traveling, giving you the opportunity to explore new places and meet interesting new people.

4: Career growth opportunities

There’s lots of room for growth in the insurance field. Not only do everyday people need insurance, but so do businesses in every industry, from aviation to home health care. This means you can specialize in a particular area and advance your career by earning additional certifications or licenses.

5: Easy entry

You don’t need work experience or a fancy college degree to become an insurance agent. But you do need to be licensed in your state. Thankfully, this process is relatively straightforward and can take as little as a few weeks. Learn about how to become a licensed insurance agent to get started on a rewarding career.

Ready to Take the First Step?

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Before you can launch an exciting career in the insurance industry, you need to get licensed in your state. That means taking the insurance licensing exam.

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When you enroll in an AP course, you’ll get instant access to streaming video lectures, followed by a comprehensive hardcopy textbook in the mail. And it’s all backed by our outstanding customer service.

Enroll in a course today and be on our way to a lucrative career in the insurance industry!

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