4 Test-Taking Strategies for the Property & Casualty Exam

As you get closer to your scheduled exam date, preparation becomes even more important. If you haven’t enrolled in an exam prep course, now is the time.

The Property & Casualty exam is challenging, and insurance is full of tricky concepts and jargon. The best way to prepare is to enroll in a pre-licensing course specifically designed for your state, whether you live in Nevada or Texas.

Even if you’re well prepared, it’s normal to feel anxious before an exam. Study right up until test day, and make sure to get enough sleep the night before. On exam day, eat a good breakfast or lunch and arrive early for your appointment (whether in person or online).


Try these proven test-taking strategies to help you stay calm and focused during your exam.

1: Read each question completely.

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The P&C exam is multiple-choice, which is good news to most people. But test authors have some tricks up their sleeves. They’re known for writing questions designed to throw off test takers and gauge whether you’re really paying attention. For example, they might turn a question into a negative or introduce an additional concept at the very end.

Don’t fall for this trap. If you’re tempted to jump right to the answer choices as soon as you see a few familiar words, slow down and pace yourself. Most students finish the exam with plenty of time leftover. Take the time to read each question carefully and completely before you answer.

2: Use the process of elimination.

One way to simplify a complicated multiple-choice question is to eliminate answer choices that are obviously wrong. Most answer sets have at least one option that is either irrelevant, unrelated, or completely wrong.

Excluding wrong answers right off the top clears out the clutter so you can carefully consider the remaining options.

3: Don’t overthink your answers.

Nerves may lead you to read too much into a question or make associations that aren’t there. This is especially true for those who tend to struggle with analysis paralysis in everyday life. Read questions word for word and avoid jumping to conclusions about what the test author might be saying or about “hidden meanings” behind their words. What matters in multiple-choice tests are the actual words in the questions.

4: Predict answers in your head.

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Try answering questions in your head before looking at the answer options. It will help you avoid being led astray by incorrect answer choices. You’ll also feel more confident about your answer when you see it in the list of options.

If the answer doesn’t come to you right away, don’t waste time struggling to come up with it. Go right to the answer choices and make your selection using the process of elimination.

Get Ready for Your P&C Exam with America’s Professor

The P&C exam is challenging. To pass it, you need to be well prepared. America’s Professor is here to help. Our comprehensive exam prep courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know to pass your exam on the first try.

When you sign up for an AP course, you’ll get instant access to our streaming lectures, along with a comprehensive hardcopy textbook to complement the online material. And it’s all backed by our outstanding customer support.

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