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How to be a Great AP Student!

We want you to pass the exam the first time - so do you! Our course is different than all of the others - we think it is far better to actually EXPLAIN the material than have you struggle with a [Read more...]

The Purpose of Insurance

Most people spend as little time as possible thinking about insurance. After all, no one likes to spend much time thinking about how much money they’re spending on something from which they may never [Read more...]

Job Opportunities for Licensed Insurance Agents

So you’ve passed your insurance agent license exam – what do you do now? Since you’ve gone to the trouble of getting licensed as an insurance agent, it’s safe to say you’re interested in pursuing [Read more...]

Preparing for Your Exam: Best Studying Tips and Techniques

Passing your state’s insurance agent exam is no small feat. In addition to the hours spent in class listening to lectures and taking notes, prospective insurance agents need to spend lots of time stud[Read more...]

Selling Insurance in the 21st Century

There has never been a better time to become an insurance agent. 21st century insurance agents have access to tools that their predecessors could only dream of, giving them unprecedented opportunities[Read more...]

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