Life, Accident & Heath

Life, Accident & Health (LAH) Insurance License


To sell life, accident & health insurance as an independent agent/producer or on behalf of an insurance agency, you must obtain the appropriate state license. Additionally, Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) and others in administrative roles who deal with life, accident, and health insurance policies may also be required to maintain a license.


To become licensed you must pass a timed, multiple choice exam designated by your state. The number of questions on the exam and the pass rate (e.g. 70%) vary by state. You may also be required to get fingerprinted and undergo a background check to become a licensed agent/producer.


Pre-Licensing Courses

Many states require you to take a pre-licensing course to prepare for the exam. Whether your state requires it or not, a pre-licensing course is highly recommended. America’s Professor offers comprehensive pre-licensing courses to help you pass your exam the first time. The courses include:


  • “Better than live” video lectures on all the topics covered on you state’s exam, accessible 24/7
  • Free comprehensive textbook
  • Hundreds of sample questions and quizzes to help simulate the test environment
  • 45-day subscription, with more time at no charge, if needed

America’s Professor is your source for insurance pre-licensing. Enroll in a course today and be on your way to becoming a licensed life, accident & health agent/producer!


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