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Texas General Lines Life, Accident & Health Pre-Licensing Course: Aflac – Public

  • Aflac – Public – Non-Supervised Course
  • Includes HMO exam information
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This is a very informative course the test in Texas was very hard and outdated but this course was the only thing i used to study for it and i passed first try. All of the answers are multi choice and the whole testing program looks like it was made in the early 90s. but despite how awful the whole testing situation is with this course i aced the test first try. i took the practice test prob 5 times until i would get high 90s also the state because the state test at the testing center is a different section and only has 30 questions so u really need to know the stuff from there. but in conclusion i cannot say enough good things about this course i am very happy i came across it and i feel like i know the instructor Jack and his wife Nancy who he picks on in every example he makes 😀 again could not be happier with this course and will be purchasing the Texas Property and Casualty very soon thanks again Jack.

Jul 17, 2019


I took the Texas Life and Health and I would highly recommend this course. I passed on my 1st attempt on Friday.
Thank you to Jack for the class and to all America’s professor employees who help me to get an extension after life got crazy for me during this process.
You ALL are awesome!!!

Jul 17, 2019

Hanner Shipley

A week and a half before I was scheduled to take the Life and Health Exam, my exam prep class I had scheduled cancelled on me. I found America’s Professor online and finished the class a day before my scheduled exam. Took the test and passed with an 86. I was very impressed with how many questions on the Licensing Exam were very similar to the questions on the final exam for the prep class. I was also very impressed with Jack and his ability to teach and make the material fun. I loved all his little comments about his wife Nancy. Made it very relatable and fun.

Jul 17, 2019



Jul 17, 2019


I was with examfx for about 7-8 months, fighting and fighting to get through the material. I finally got frustrated enough I thought ‘ there has to be another course out there’. I came across Americas Professor and in about 7 weeks I was ready to take the test. When I’d call in to ask a question, the person on the other side wouldn’t just tell me the answer or where to look it up in the book. They would tell me something that helped them remember it better.
I took the state test yesterday and passed with an 88. Out of 150 questions I only had 8 that I really had to stop and think on. Out of those 8 it was 3 that I marked to go back over at the end of the test.
By the fifth question I started grinning because I just knew ‘ I’m gonna pass this thing!’ and I did.

Jul 17, 2019


Jack you’re the best instructor and your system really works. I scored a 90% on the exam 150 Questions and it took me an hour to finish it.
I felt very confident throughout the exam.
Thank you !!!!

Jul 17, 2019

JerriLynn Cobb

This course was very helpful in preparing me for my test and I highly recommend it to anyone who is studying for their license.

Jul 17, 2019


I took my Life Accident & Health exam on April 1st after reviewing materials for about a week and passed with a 81%. At some point before the real test I was thinking I wasn’t ready. its a lot to take in honestly (33 chapters) with additional four hour state video. Mind you I was off work for the whole week prior to the exam to make sure I devoted the needed time. I had to do a refresher of all the test bank questions at the end as I was starting to forget key concepts in earlier chapters. 33 chapters isn’t a piece of cake when it comes to remembering lol.

Thanks to Jack once again for saving the day with his long stories which seem to be a key ingredient in keeping up with the multiple choice answers in the real test.

Jul 17, 2019

Cassie M.

Hello! I just wanted to let you all know that I have no background in the insurance industry and after taking this course, I passed with a 96! Honestly, Jack Morton’s sincerity and sense of humor was the only thing that got me through all of that foreign material!

Now on to my Medicare Certification. I will miss hearing from Jack Morton on that subject.

Thank you and the highest praises for America’s Professor and Jack Morton!

Jul 17, 2019

King Opoku

Piece of cake! The Life & Health exam was slain with ease thanks to America’s Professor and the fictional but humorous exploits of Jack and Nancy. America’s Professor was able to take this dry knowledge of insurance and turn it into something digestible for the masses. Do yourself a favor, save your time searching the internet for a pre-license course, “TAKE AMERICA’S PROFESSOR NOW AND PASS! Enough said.. Good luck..

Jul 17, 2019

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