The Steps

Determined to earn your property insurance license, but discouraged by potential hassles? Now there’s an easier way to qualify—without sacrificing quality. Forget about driving to and from insurance license classes, standing in line for registration, or juggling your schedule. Thanks to America’s Professor, the best insurance agents courses are now online.

AmericasProfessor.com offers the highest quality insurance pre-licensing courses online. Enjoyable and informative, each course resembles a live, on-location class—only more convenient! Our knowledgeable instructors will walk you through the material using a three-step process.

Step 1: Video:

Unlike most online courses, AP’s whole course is presented with streaming split screen video. On your left, you will see your professor. On your right, you will see the material: either the text or instructor-provided examples on a whiteboard. As a key element of the course, the video will provide an overview of all concepts, present interesting examples, and guide you through the textbook.

Step 2: AP Textbook:

Our book has been under constant revision for the past 26 years, making this the best, most up-to-date insurance education book you can buy. Using this crucial component, you can highlight material, take notes, and review concepts that are key to passing the exam.

Step 3: AP Online Test Bank:

The whole enchilada! Our test bank features over 700 questions to give you a complete understanding of the material and to put you at ease with the questions you will confront in the insurance licensing exam. This is the most important step, as it lets you see where your strengths are and where you need more practice. To review, simply go the video and watch that section as many times as you want.

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