Casualty Insurance License

What You Need to Know


What Is a Casualty Insurance License?

A casualty insurance license authorizes the license holder to sell casualty insurance to individuals and organizations. Casualty insurance is liability coverage that helps protect a person if they’re found legally responsible for an accident that causes injuries to another person or damage to their property.


Casualty Insurance License Exam


What Kinds of Policies Can Casualty Insurance Agents Sell?


Depending on your state, a casualty license will enable you to sell products like:



It’s important to note that most people obtain both a casualty license and a property license (P&C) so that they can sell a broader range of policies. Casualty insurance is usually (but not always) sold by a licensed P&C insurance agent/broker.




Who Needs to Carry a Casualty Insurance License?


All 50 states require you to hold a casualty license in order to sell or even discuss (e.g. customer service representatives) casualty insurance policies.


Requirements for a Casualty Insurance License


Each state has its own licensing requirements, and you must pass the casualty insurance licensing for your state as well as any other states where you wish to sell or discuss casualty insurance. Here’s how the licensing process works:

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How Do I Study for the Exam?


America’s Professor provides a variety of state-specific educational resources that will give you the knowledge you need to pass your casualty insurance exam. Our comprehensive pre-licensing courses include all of the following:



There has never been a better time to become a licensed insurance agent. Insurance will always be in demand, and knowledgeable insurance agents are always needed—seize the moment and get started on your new career today. Enroll in a course today.



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