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Accident & Sickness (Health) Insurance License: What You Need to Know


Health insurance is also called accident and sickness insurance in some states (ex. Georgia). America’s Professor offers a variety of tools and resources designed to prepare individuals for the examination required to obtain an insurance license in this field.


What Is an Accident & Sickness Insurance License?


It’s a license that gives agents the legal right to sell this insurance in certain states.


Who Needs to Carry an Accident & Sickness Insurance License?


You must have a license to sell accident & sickness insurance policies. Additionally, administrative personnel, such as Customer Service Representatives (CSR), may be required to maintain an accident & sickness insurance license if they discuss, make changes to, or otherwise manage accident and sickness policies.


What Types of Policies Do Accident & Sickness Insurance Agents Sell?


Requirements for an Accident & Sickness Insurance License


insurance license


What Else Must I Do to Keep My License?


Accident & sickness license holders should be sure to observe the Codes of Conduct that govern their profession in the state.


How Often Must I Renew the License?


Again, it depends on the state. Many states require renewal every two years.


How Do I Study for the Accident and Sickness Insurance Exam?


America’s Professor offers comprehensive accident & sickness pre-licensing courses to help you pass your state exam the first time with flying colors. Our courses include detailed videos on all the topics you’ll need to pass your exam, available 24/7 with our 45-day subscription, with more time if you need it at no charge. Also included is our comprehensive textbook to reinforce your learning, along with hundreds of sample questions and practice quizzes to help you prepare.


We provide everything you need to pass your accident & sickness insurance licensing exam! Get started today and enroll in a course.


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