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  • This company is amazing! If you are trying to pass an exam the first time use America's Professor!!! I took Property and Casualty with Intellipass and failed the test twice. ...
    - Alex Thulin. WA Life & Disability (Health) Insurance Pre-Licensing
    I literally watched all of your videos for 3 days and was able to pass the first time with zero extra studying. I can’t thank you enough for your online ...
    - Rachel K.. VA Property & Casualty Insurance Pre-Licensing
    Passed my P&C and then also my L&D. I am now an Insurance Producer in the state of Washington! America's Professor is amazing. They have a great team!!
    - Enyi V.. WA Life & Disability (Health) Insurance Pre-Licensing
  • I passed my Iowa Property and Casualty tests on the first try! I could not have done it without the online videos and following along in my study materials. Professor ...
    - Heather E. IA Property & Casualty Insurance Pre-Licensing
    This is a Good pre license course. The state was harder, some of the questions were not in the GA book. I did pass both and was very impressed with ...
    - JenniferB. GA Life, Accident & Sickness (LAS) Insurance Pre-Licensing
    I passed both the P & C, then I passed the L & H. America's Professor Rocks.. Thank You.
    - Harold S. USA (National Section) Property & Casualty Insurance Pre-Licensing
  • I was really worried after talking to my co-worker and boss. They kept talking about how hard the exam was. I ACED it. Thanks!
    - Annette. TX General Lines Property & Casualty Insurance Pre-Licensing
    I passed My Georgia Property & Casualty Agent Exam Thank you for your help (Pat)
    - Tenina. GA Property & Casualty Insurance Pre-Licensing
    I studied & completed the course, followed all the recommendations, answered all the questions before moving forward. The America's Professor people answered any question I had through email. I passed ...
    - Rick Villalobos. GA Life Only Insurance Pre-Licensing