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  • I passed My Georgia Property & Casualty Agent Exam Thank you for your help (Pat)
    - Tenina. GA Property & Casualty Insurance Pre-Licensing
    I studied & completed the course, followed all the recommendations, answered all the questions before moving forward. The America's Professor people answered any question I had through email. I passed ...
    - Rick Villalobos. GA Life Only Insurance Pre-Licensing
    I have taken the 3 day class, used many books to study and have not had success in many many years. Finally decided that I needed to switch it up ...
    - Karen. TX General Lines Property & Casualty Insurance Pre-Licensing
  • To all of you at America's Professor I would just like to say thank you so much for all of your support over the last couple of weeks. I passed ...
    - Debbie Beach. VA Property & Casualty Insurance Pre-Licensing
    Worth the money! It is a lot of information but Jack made it easy to understand. The books arrived fast and were great resources. Passed the exam the first time ...
    - Domo. TX General Lines Property & Casualty Insurance Pre-Licensing
    Wow! AP people do pass! Jack Morton, Nancy, and his crazy cousin Eddy are, without a doubt, the best online teachers. This was the best educational online course I have ...
    - Scott C.. MO Property & Casualty Insurance Pre-Licensing
  • The course was clear and to the point. I finished the course, passed my state required exams my first attempt (with 13 days left to finish the AP lessons)!!!! I ...
    - Don Thompson. MO Property & Casualty Insurance Pre-Licensing
    America's Professor was so very, very helpful! I truly believe I wouldn't have passed the L&H exams with just the books, the lectures were extremely helpful. Thank you!
    - Kendra. MT Life & Health Insurance Pre-Licensing
    I tried to learn from other companies classes but could not retain any information, Watched Jack at Americas Professor and passed first time. Jack makes studying the boring subject of ...
    - Christian Matlock. VA Property & Casualty Insurance Pre-Licensing